Superaccu footage gallery
A screenshot from Swings_5k_90fps_KodakD55 footage.
Why 8k? Because it is future proof. If you shoot your project now in 2k then you may have to reshoot in 4k in a few years and then in 8k in a few years.
On the other hand, if output is in 2k, then 8k provides 4 times digital zoom that can be applied afterwards.
Sharp images can be taken from a 8k clip and can be printed out to a meters wide poster.
Did I mention HDRx video capability?

Also ask for full video production (educational video, product video, commercial, event, etc.)

Rental of 8k cinema camera package (add at least operator).
Red Helium DSMC2 (Weapon) brain
(8192 x 4320 pixels up to 60 fps or 4k 120 fps raw video,
16.5 stops of dynamic range, data rates up to 300 MB/s
dxomark, netflix, specs )
V-lock I/O expander
Batteries 3 x 112 Wh + chargers
Battery voltmeter
RED DSMC AC power adaptor
Redmag 480GB
RED MINI-MAG station
EF lens mount, Nikon lens to EF adapter
Rode Videomic Pro microphone
Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 head, 536 Carbon Fibre 3-Stage Tripod
Slider 80 cm
Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art
Sigma 70mm f2.8 macro Art
Protection and polarizing filters, lens cleaning kit

690 Eur/day * $ #
2 x 48 W round adjustable color temperature soft LED panel
(AC power adaptor, can share batteries)
30 W adj. color temp. LED fresnel spotlight, battery, AC adaptor
2 x 20 W adjustable color temperature rectangular LED panel, 4 batteries
Macro ring LED light
3 tripods for lights, 2 articulating arms, 2 small flexible tripods
80 Eur/day * $
Sony A7R3 with 4 Sony lenses, tripod, remotes, flash,
MC11, etc. (for 8k UHD timelapse, pictures
can be taken using silent mode,
which does not interfere with sound of video)
180 Eur/day * #
GH5 (B camera, 5.7k resolution)
12-35mm & 60mm macro lens
2 batteries, tripod, cage, microphone, 2x128 GB storage.
Ninja Inferno with 6 batteries (to allow 10bit 4k 60fps output),
2 x 512 GB SSD-s, cables, etc.
95 Eur/day * #
Rode NT1-A vocal XLR microphone, cables, Sennheiser preamp, tripod

Macro / product video
Light tent 60 x 60 cm, rotating turntable, macro slider

Transport with car from Tartu

Operator (up to 8 h)

Video editing

480 GB SSD + USB3 adapter with raw video files
50 Eur/day * #

25 Eur/day * #

0.3 Eur/km

95 Eur/day

34 Eur/h

120 Eur
*All prices are without VAT. $ 5% insurance is added. # The following rental day costs 10% less than previous day
(applies up to 5 days).