Development of educational video package that follow chemistry curriculum and is meant to be used to teach chemistry in shools. Final version will be modified according to instructions and language needed.

"100+ Experiments in Chemistry (ver. 3)" is designed for chemistry teachers to show commented experiment videos in front of classroom as well as self-learning for students. There are total of ~140 videos (+ ~60 in additional topics). Click on links to see some videos, in case of interest contact us ( and we can reveal more.

1. Chemistry is fun

Mercury - an alien metal#
2. Characteristics of a chemical reaction

Videos have been made to follow a typical (base) school chemistry course programme: What is a chemical reaction, introducing some chemistry lab techniques, simple physical chemistry, inorganic reactions, etc.

3. Separation of mixtures

6. Nonmetals

6.1. Oxygen, carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, silicon
7. Metals
7.5. Flame tests (7 videos)

9. Electrochemistry


Some older samples can be obtained via stock.

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